Why Does Anybody Need an Estate Plan?

At some point during everyone’s Life, we will become vulnerable. This vulnerability could be temporary; recovery from surgery or accident, extended travel, etc. Or this vulnerability could be permanent; dementia, mental or physical disability, or death. You may think that you don’t have much, so who cares? Here’s the thing some don’t know until itContinue reading “Why Does Anybody Need an Estate Plan?”

So Many People Miss This Detail in Their Estate Planning Process

Whether you have $10 million plus, or $10,000 in the bank, when the estate plan is completed, some of the work just begins. As an example, if assets are not properly titled in the name of your trust, your plan will not work the way you hoped. Another important detail is “Beneficiary Designations”. Some financialContinue reading “So Many People Miss This Detail in Their Estate Planning Process”

The Mystery of Estate Planning Revealed

For so many people, estate planning invokes fear of death, concern about disagreements, and worry about illness. If you haven’t yet gotten your plan into writing, this blog (series of articles) will help you understand more about the estate planning process, and how your estate plan might be implemented in the future. We are expertsContinue reading “The Mystery of Estate Planning Revealed”

Trouble Getting Your Ducks in a Row

From time to time, all of us feel like we are falling behind. Every year seems to move a little faster than the year before, and we have put off some chores for so long, they have fallen off the “to do” list. The Pandemic has added a layer of challenge, like doing chores whileContinue reading “Trouble Getting Your Ducks in a Row”