California Has a Plan for You

If you don’t create an estate plan, you could be placing yourself at the mercy of the court. What is Guardianship and Conservatorship? California uses the word Conservatorship, and the rest of the USA uses the term Guardianship. This is the court procedure by which the rights of the individual (Ward or Conservatee) are transferredContinue reading “California Has a Plan for You”

So, Who is the Boss?

You have to plan ahead to stay the “Boss”. Your person (your Fiduciary), has many duties in regard to how they serve you. Professional Fiduciaries are typically held to a higher standard than a family member or friend because, in California, these professionals are licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Professional Fiduciaries Bureau. ThereContinue reading “So, Who is the Boss?”

When Does Your Estate Plan Go To Work For You?

The three triggering events in the typical estate plan are: Incapacity – Your documents might say two physicians are to examine you, and if they determine that you have lost capacity to manage your own affairs, they will each write a letter saying so. Resignation – You sign a resignation letter, prepared by your attorney,Continue reading “When Does Your Estate Plan Go To Work For You?”

Keeping Your Plan Up to Date and Private

We are talking about your estate plan. The details of how personal property gets handled, how funds are disbursed, and how much you give to your beneficiaries, are completely up to you as Trustor (Creator, Settlor, Grantor) of your trust. You can change your mind several times throughout your life, as long as you haveContinue reading “Keeping Your Plan Up to Date and Private”

How to Keep the Right Attorney For You

If you are looking for an estate planning attorney, please read: How to Find the Right Estate Planning Attorney for You – for those who have the estate planning attorney they feel understands their needs, and provides great service, here are few tips to keep that relationship running smoothly. Periodic Updates – Keeping your estateContinue reading “How to Keep the Right Attorney For You”


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