How to Name Us

If you have decided to name Marguerite, Clay, Noah, Joe and/or Ryan as your Successor Trustee (named as Marguerite C. Lorenz, followed by Clay B. Spiegel, followed by Noah B. Benton, followed by Joseph F. McMackin Jr., followed by Ryan J. Shumacher – or in any order you choose), please ask your attorney to send us a full set of the following documents:

  • Trust
  • Will
  • Power of Attorney for Finance
  • Advance Health Care Directive
  • Certificate of Trust

We look forward to getting better acquainted, and as a result, we will be ready to serve whenever the need arises.

Suggested Trust Language: “If Marguerite C. Lorenz, Clay B. Spiegel, Noah B. Benton, Joseph F. McMackin Jr., and/or Ryan J. Shumacher are unable to act, then the President of Lorenz Fiduciary Services shall have the authority to appoint a successor trustee.”

We recognize that many clients who name us in their documents presently will not need us for many years to come. We certainly hope that’s how it works-out. Even so, several clients need us during their lifetimes due to incapacity or a desire to resign due to abrupt changes, such as grieving a deceased spouse, or a change in physical health. This is why it is so valuable for the professionals on the same team to get acquainted whenever possible.

If you are the client, or the drafting attorney, please consider introducing your successor trustees to the rest of the professional team. We have seen the benefit of the introductions over and over again as when the need comes, it is often immediate, and when the professionals are already acquainted, the information flows easily and efficiently.

You may also want to alert your family, friends, or neighbors that you have a plan, and that Lorenz will carry out that plan, so your loved ones know who to call, if, and when, you need us.

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